Explosive Manufacturer

Manufacturer and Exporter of Yellow & Blue Safety Fuses, Wax Coated Safety Fuses, Chemical Powder, Gun Powder / Black Powder, Fireworks Fuse, Micro Cord / Visco Fuse & Charcoal Powder since 1987

Over 34 Years of Manufacturing Experience in the Explosive Accessories

We have spread our products in markets across
Asia, Africa, Europe and the American Continents

We have a domestic and international market presence since 1987 and have established our brand through CE Certified unmatched quality products with best services. Our market reach spreads across 18 countries & is blended with our highly experienced and valued manpower.

We also manufacture products customized according to customer’s need

Unique and fine quality products is our identity.


Certified Across Asia, Africa, Europe & the American Continents

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